Bitch Tits

Stars 5 Bitchin' Bitches with bitch ass tits gettin' their well deserved comeuppance with the help of some strong restraints.  Big tit Lucy's fine fat ass looks fantastic rippling under the impact of that bare hand or whip and those leather cuffs keep those hot limbs held tight to keep the bitch from fightin' back.  The big fat ball gags those gorgeous blowjob lips so she can squeal to her hearts content and let that drool run.  When this is over she'll take a big hard cock up the ass without a hint of disrespect.  Teeny tart Alex is hung upside down by her ankles with her legs spread and her arms bound behind her back.  The little cock tease is kept hanging so she won't attract roaming studs with her fertile little body.  When she's not hanging out she's kept in the wooden stocks on her knees with her ass sticking out so the breeding stud can have at her without hurting himself.  Ashleigh's tits are free to swing in the breeze because she's bound bent forward with a concrete block attached to a collar around her neck while another concrete block pulls on a rope that runs right over her anus, up through her pussy and around her waist.  The crotch rope, spreader bars and the weight around her neck keep her up on her toes to work those gorgeous calves.  High school senior Angelica won't be missing her homework because she's bound kneeling to the whipping post with her pert little titties under wraps.  And Samantha's wrists are cuffed to her ankles because her ass is needed sticking straight out in the open to be spread, spanked or fucked without the need to hold her down.  It's a bitchin' bitch flick for anyone that enjoys watching bitches squeal.  115 minutes long!

Preview PZV061




Humiliated and embarrassed by strict bondage, this big-titted blonde struggles exquisitely before submitting to her predicament.

Three Bitchin Bitches

The first 1.5 minutes features cute 18 year old Angelica under extreme stress in this strict, kneeling, vertical hog tie position. She can only last a short time before nearly passing out. Next is buxom bitch tits Lucy. Dominated in slave girl posture wearing red teddy. Then leathered up in strict strapping and Bishop head harness. Ball gagged, elbow strapped, butt slapped and forced to show off those hot tits and ass. Finally Samantha, her one and only bondage scene. It was too humiliating for her. Watch her reality performance. This bitch needs a good whipping! From Powershotz PZV061.  Preview Clip



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