Break Down

When her vehicle breaks down, the pissed off bitch heads to a run-down old house to ask for a phone. Unfortunately she runs into a pissed off Tipsy that needs a hot slave girl chained up in his place. He toys with the helpless girl, then grabs her and carries her inside... kicking and squealing. Once inside he strips, fondles and ass gooses the bitch as he gets her collared and chained to the floor. After some face slapping, dominating and checking out... he sits back and finishes his drink. Anticipating the tight fuck to come from his lucky encounter.   Preview Clip




This little fatty is  fucked on her back, on her side and rolled ass up for a good pounding.

Hammer Time

Wrist to ankle nude bondage secures the little fatty for penetration. The lamb is fucked on her back, on her side and rolled ass up for a good pounding. The ball gag goes on to stifle the mouth and further objectify her mentally. The gag string used like a reign. He denigrates and subjugates her mentally with ass slapping and strong neck restriction. After he spews on her face and in her mouth, he lets her go... but her car is still broke down. He agrees to fix it for the good fuck.   Preview Clip



Oral Forcing Function

Now that the captive is properly enslaved and kneeling before her Master, he can finish his drink and take his time. The cock hardener is ripe for a good stripping. Resistance is met with a firm hand around neck. Her tits and ass are checked out, her tight butt hole fingered and tested for tightness. Then the mouth is sampled. The bitch is forced down on cock until she belches and chokes for air, then forced down again. She's learning... but slowly. It'll take time to train her right.   Preview Clip



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