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  • Abbey

    Too Hot to Trot:  Preview

    Preview video from PZV114 Too Hot to Trot. Awesome video!  If you haven't ordered a video... you don't know what you are missing!  Abby, Beth, Joy, Lexis Lane, Ally    Preview Clip


    Model Material:  Preview

    Abbey & Audrey.  Preview video from Model Material...Two hot babes come to the studio for a modeling tryout and end up in stripped nude and bound for sexual slavery.   Preview Clip

    Alone in Her Hotel Room:  Preview

    Preview video from Alone in Her Hotel Room PZV113. Abbey leaves her hotel room door ajar... and finds herself abducted, taken for a ride, and forced into bondage and sexual servitude.   Preview Clip

  • Alanna

    Take Down, Duct Tape and Dominate

    Sleeping beauty is awakened with a hand over mouth wide eyed look of wonder that sends her off into dream land where she can be inspected in detail without stress. Nice tight pussy and ass, nice legs, cute milf look. A real hottie. She is duct taped and awakened from slumber again in wide eyed wonder bent over the couch, forced to kneel and face up to her captor in submissive slave posture. She'll make a fine fuck.   Preview Clip


    Prepared for Penetration

    Gorgeous nude blond is thrown down on the bed and cuffed into position. Her arms are cuffed to the headboard, then her legs are pulled up, rotating her pussy and ass upwards, her ankles are cuffed to the headboard. Now she's perfectly positioned for smooth and effective penetration. Pussy or ass... all the way to the hilt, no resistance possible. She can only look you in the eye and suck wind.   Preview Clip

    Bed Bound Captive

    In her expensive negligee the blonde hottie is rope bound, ball, gagged, then hog tied and nose hooked. Her servitude will be enhanced if she learns to properly serve the Master. The riding crop may be required to get things started. A strict roping will serve to remind her of her requirements.   Preview Clip

  • Alex

    Three Slave Girls

    Three hot slaves are looked over, dominated, forced to position their hot little bodies for the master, then tied ass up and ball gagged. The full-length video is available on "Three For the Road" PZV054   Preview Clip


    Clad in Plaid

    From Alex & Alexis Abductis PZV044.  Gorgeous little white assed slave girl clad in a cute little plaid suit needs a hard ass spanking and a good fuck. A very fine piece of ass. Forced to display her wares and tormented with the mouth filling ball. I can't wait to see how she does on real cock.   Preview Clip

    Grabbed and Hogtied

    Hot girl is grabbed, stripped,and hogtied by two men!  Preview Clip

  • Alex Del Monaco

    Having a Good Time with Her

    From White Slaver Switch PZV085 with Alex Del Monaco and Kylie.  Gorgeous blonde dominates gorgeous blonde and enjoys every minute of watching the nude and bound young girl suffer as she torments her verbally and physically.  Preview Clip


    Bondage Made to Order:  Preview

    Preview video clip from PZV108, "Bondage Made to Order."  Starring Alex Del Monaco, Ally, and Lexis LanePreview Clip

    Making Her Escape

    Cute Pamela Anderson look alike is taken on the couch while she sleeps by a masked man. He handcuffs and fondles the cute girl. When he leaves her alone... she goes through her purse and pulls out a handcuff key that she just happened to be carrying... she lets herself go and makes a run for it.   Preview Clip

  • Alexis

    Fat Ass... Skinny Rope

    Plump rump and perfectly smooth skin make this pink little piggy look real porkable. Slap that fat ass and lube it up with bacon grease and she'll squeal like a pig when you slip your dick in. Ball gag looks like an apple in her mouth and the nose hook is the perfect tool to keep that fat little piggy face scrunched up real nice when she's hogged up tight with thin cord for roasting.   Preview Clip


    Porkable Fat

    Check out this fine piece of porkin' flesh. Nice plump white rump strung up nice n tight with thin strict cording. Pussy and ass fully available. Ball gag and hog tie the bitch and you've got a perfect little fat fuck toy for later.   Preview Clip

    Back Arching Bitch Strip

    Cute little piggy gets a well deserved bitch stripping with hard hand over mouth submission holds that leave her gasping for air. She squirms like a worm and must be butt slapped and arm locked while her clothing is forcibly removed. The heavy fondling and dominating talk along with a close up inspection of that pretty little mouth cause her anxiety level to peak but from the sound of her breathing she'll be sliding easily on hard cock when she submits to the man handling and accepts her fate. From Powershotz PZV044   Preview Clip

  • Ally

    Hard Ass Discipline:  Preview

    Preview Video from "Hard Ass Discipline" PZV106... Starring Lexis Lane and Ally   Preview Clip


    Stripper's Repent:  Preview

    Preview video from PZV103 "Stripper's Repent."  Abduction, bondage, corporal punishment, dildo, crotch rope, heavy domination, ball gags, nose hooks and nipple clamps.  Starring Ally and Lexi.   Preview Clip

    3 Bondage Virgins II:  Preview

    Preview video clip from "3 Bondage Virgins II" (PZV101)starring bondage first timer buxom beauty Lexis Lane, along with new comers Ally and Heather. Abduction, bondage, spanking, and slave training.   Preview Clip

  • Ally2

    Romper Room Sex Toy

    The shy and timid 18 year old beauty queen is roped arms overhead so she can be ankle bound, mouth stuffed and gagged with a piece of rubber. Her lean white flesh is freely fondled as she is spanked and tormented. Then her horny captor binds those skinny wrists behind her back, mouth stuffs and duct tapes her mouth. She is bent over the table and spanked on that perky tight ass. But when inescapable restraint is required to control the now nude feline he ends her little rope romp and switches to steel cuffs on the wrists and ankles. Her naked and pure white body flexes on the bed as he contemplates holding her down and romping that rump.   Preview Clip


    Virgin Shoot

    Some of the earliest Powershotz video. Ally was still in high school when she came to this shoot. Total knockout glamour girl face and body. She wanted to try bondage but had limitations regarding touching. The footage shows her posing for 35 mm still images. Incredible freaking body. Includes short clips from three different positions. Duct tape elbow cinch, frog tie, arms overhead kneeling, and wrist to ankle steel cuffs that bring that virgin asshole up where it can be stretched real easy.   Preview Clip

    Blue Jean Babe

    Marilyn Monroe babalicious says goodbye to her boyfriend... and hello to that hand. The one going over her mouth. The one that takes her down on the ground, hog ropes and bitch slaps her. The one that ball gags that pretty little mouth to stretch it out and shut her up. Later when that ball comes out she can put that mouth to work on hard cock.   Preview Clip

  • Alma

    Carried In for Care

    Gagged in the elevator and carried in, where this 18 year old girl can be dealt with in the most efficient and discreet manner. Ropes on her wrists... her hot kicking legs are roped... and she is dominated hard.   Preview Clip


    Leather Slave

    Cute first timer is leathered up, locked down and made to listen up   Preview Clip

    Hoggette Suck Cock

    Reluctant Hogteen gets her head forced down on hard cock. She's exhausted from struggling against the ropes and is too tired to resist so she submits and sucks like a good girl. A few belching gags and chokes gets her a meal of salty semen delivered on time.   Preview Clip

  • Amber

    Leathered Hooters

    This big titted bimbo needs strict leather bondage to show off those nice hooters properly. She's also got a hot ass. Watch as she follows directions.   Preview Clip


    Leathered Up... and Ass Upped

    Gorgeous big tits and nice round ass with a tight skinny waist. Strict leather straps bind her knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists. She is told to roll... but is limited in mobility. So her bondage is adjusted just enough to allow her to position her ass sticking straight up in the air where it can be properly examined and fucked if necessary.   Preview Clip

    Big Tit Bimbo Ball

    Check out this big titted bimbo as she rolls and tumbles that hot ass in wrist to ankle rope bondage. Then she gets a big fat ball stuffed in that cock sucking mouth to finish off the buxom bombshell package.   Preview Clip

  • Amber2

    Noose and Goose

    The tied up chick is first given the option of sucking cock... when she doesn't want to do it... the noose is applied around her neck and the ropes cut away with a knife. With that heavy scratchy rope pulled tight around her neck... the bitch gets down on cock as instructed... then she is thrown down on the couch and mounted from behind. Her arms are held behind her back as he hammers home the point.   Preview Clip


    Home Invasion

    He came into her home while she was at work, and found bondage gear in her drawer... now he intends to use it on her... knowing that she has been fantasizing and playing with herself... it's time for someone to show her the ropes... so to speak... and the crop... and the dildo. A little heavy breathing... heavy domination... corporal punishment... dog leash and collar... dildo down the throat... always helps to get the juices flowing.   Preview Clip

    Hang On!

    Relationship issues lead to high levels of stress that must be relieved with high levels of domination, discipline, spanking, rope bondage, face slapping, forced cock sucking with gagging followed by ass up servitude, neck restriction with heavy hemp rope, ball gagging and finally stool tipping that leaves legs kicking and pee running down the leg. Awesome hot body on this unfaithful bitch. Don't worry... smelling salts will bring her back around...   Preview Clip

  • Amy

    Strip Dance

    Athletic jock chick is bitch stripped with high leg kicking and back arching hysteria but it fails to keep her captor from getting her naked, throwing her on that bed, getting that ass up and hand cuffing those skinny wrists so she can be put through a more rigorous athletic experience that includes not only ass slapping but ass stabbing with big jock cock.   Preview Clip


    Sleep Disruption

    Nightie clad hottie snuggles in for a good night sleep and is interrupted when an intruder with a hard on briefly wakes her only to put her right back out so he can avoid injuring the princess while he ties her to a board and cuts her clothing away. Once she is safely secured a light slap on the face brings her around for an explanation. But apparently he would prefer that she be bound face down to present her bottom upward for ease of penetration. For her own good she'll need to be kept out during the procedure. A little leg kicking is preferable to the anxiety that might be caused when her butt cheeks are spread to examine the quality of her ass. And the ropes secured tightly about her ankles to keep her held down during the violent thrusts that could accompany the mating ritual.  Preview Clip




    Hoe Snatch and Train

    Stripper shows up for a private dance at the clients place and gets her hot little ass stripped the hard way. With the door locked behind her back and her arms held behind her back and her head pulled back so she's looking straight up and a hand over her mouth so tight she can't breath and a leather collar and straps to hold the hoe tight because the hoe gonna get fucked when the client finishes up his meeting. He's got three tight holes to choose from and time to take all three. The chains will keep those hands up and out of the way but are loose enough to allow her arms to flail when she tries to pull away. Poor girl. After he gets her strapped in tight he leaves for work. Knowing that she'll be there waiting with a soft wet mouth and a tight white ass when he returns. She looks around for a way out. Then lays down to wait for that big hard dick. Later when the stripper failed to properly follow even the most simple instructions her behavior is corrected. A strict crotch roping with neck rope and arms bound tight behind her back in stand up straight high heels posture should help. And the nipple clamps cause tears to form that will act as a powerful memory reinforcing tool. The ultimate degradation is provided by the nose hook. Which is used to keep her head up while she ponders her mistakes. Left hanging like this for a few minutes she'll be begging to take a cock up the ass in no time.  From Amy #2 PZV023  Preview Clip




  • Andi

    Stripped for Discipline: Preview

    Preview Video from PZV111 "Stripped for Discipline" starring Andi, Beth, Lexis Lane, and Victoria.   Preview Clip


    Private Security:  Preview

    3 Minute preview video from Powershotz PZV117, Private Security, Andi and Shelby are caught by mall security after shop lifting panties at the store. They are cuffed to the floor board and driven into the country for a quick and effective punishment regimen that will insure that they'll never again stray from the straight and narrow. Bottom spanking, stripping, domination, ball gag, rough rope up and riding crop are combined with efficient mental domination to correct their behavior. In the end they are left tied up naked on the side of the road... their clothes are thrown out... and they are left to get loose... get dressed... and go free. Their behavior corrected forever. Next we find Audrey and Abbey chained in the basement in a small room. They are led upstairs where Audrey is handcuffed nude to a chair and forced to watch and wait her turn while Abbey is savaged on the bed before her.  Preview Clip




    Stripped and Molested

    From Caught and Taught VL005.  When this cute secretary is caught stealing from her boss she is privately disciplined instead of being turned over to the authorities. Now she will be stripped and bound, humiliated and sexually molested as her punishment. I'm sure the punishment will be quite effective at correcting the misbehavior.   Preview Clip

  • Andrea

  • Angel


    Tried Tied

    She thought she would be tied up. But she wasn't expecting the sting of the crop, or the hook of the nose. The ball gag head harness is sufficiently strict to muffle that mouth. Kneeling strappado with her pants pulled down will put her in the mood to suck cock.   Preview Clip

  • Angelica

    Cheerleader Harnessed

    From Cheerleading Training Camp PZV069.  She's in good shape, with a fine white body, smooth silky skin, and a perfect tight ass. She can do handsprings and cartwheels... but she is too weak to resist the Master's Domination. Head harnessed, gagged and forced to crawl, cuffed to the whipping post... legs spread... forced to arch her back... her cheerleader skirt removed... and now that ass is sticking out and available for playing ball. I wonder what her cheer will sound like when that ass is all filled up.   Preview Clip




    Two Teen Tarts Topped:  Preview

    Preview video from PZV057 "Two Teen Tarts Topped" 3 minutes long.  Starring Angelica and NataliaPreview Clip

    Cheerleader Disruptus

    From Cheerleading Training Camp PZV069. I love watching an 18 year old cheerleader get her hot exhibitionist ass dominated hard.   Preview Clip

  • Anna

    6 Pack of Bondage: Preview

    3 minute preview video from "Six Pack of Bondage" PZV098  Six hot models are bound and dominated. Includes capture, slave training, spanking, ball gags, head harnesses, whipping post discipline, school girl discipline and riding crop domination.   Preview Clip




    Indian in Bondage

    American Indian in bondage. Gorgeous, long, raven-black, hair. Big, brown, innocent, eyes. And a nice plump rump to offset that skinny waist. Bound and dog bone bitted. She'll make a good butt fuck for the Master.  Preview Clip

    Anna Oiled Up

    The slave girl is prepared with a full body oil rub. The shiny liquid lubricates her skin and allows the hands to slip deeply into her most sensitive areas. Intermixed with the relaxing massage are butt slaps designed to keep her attention.   Preview Clip

  • Anne

    Leg Up

    She's got a leg up on the competition. The problem is her competition is about to ball gag head harness her after slapping her ass, stripping her to full nudity, and binding her to face the threat head on. Nice feisty big boned bitch.   Preview Clip




    Duct Tape Domination

    After having been whipped in strict rope bondage with ball gag, the bitch is stood up. untied, felt up, ass spread, butt slapped, un-gagged, finger gagged, then sat on the table where she is bound in strict duct tape. Her wrists, ankles, knees are taped up. Then she is nose hooked and finger gagged, mouth stuffed and firmly tape gagged. She is laid out on the table and photographed as she is informed that she is going to be fucked. He rolls, fondled, slaps and humiliates the cock sucker. Makes her re-position herself. He examines her ass closely, then pulls out a sharp object and cuts the tape off. Nice facial domination.   Preview Clip




    Hog Suck Cock

    The bitch has got a heavy gag reflex. All it takes is a small insertion of cock and she's barking at you like a good little bitch. The hog tie is strict. Thin ropes bind her arms securely behind her back and those ankles are cinched up tight. She can kneel though... and when she is forced to look you in the eye... she complies... knowing that she'll get the crop if she doesn't. Her eyes fill with tears and that forehead wrinkles. She gags and gets messy... then she's pushed back down on the couch and kept for later. Next time she'll feel that cock in her ass.   Preview Clip



  • Annie

    Punishing Consequences

    Poor little dear was warned that she would face spanking for failure to obey. She was bound wrist to ankles with a spreader bar and ball gagged. She was told not to try anything. Yet she foolishly struggles and gets herself loose. He discovers her misbehavior just as she is getting loose. Now she will face the consequences of her decision. That bare white ass will feel the sting. Later on when she is bedded for the night she'll take it hard up the ass. Perhaps it will teach her to do as she is told.   Preview Clip




    Beg for it Bitch!

    Knocked out hot ass is hog tied on the couch and ball gagged. Then she is awakened with the sting of the crop on that fine white fuckable ass. The bitch is told to beg for cock. Each time she refuses....the crop  eaves a red mark on that white moon. Finally the bitch breaks and begs. She won't get the cock in the mouth though. Not after her defiance. She'll get the cock in the ass instead.  Preview Clip



    Undone Piglet

    The bound nude piglet is untied and stood up. Her tits and ass are fondled and she is bent at the waist and asked if she's been butt fucked. Then she is placed on the floor... ass upped... cropped, gagged and spreader barred at the ankles. She is rolled on her back and cropped on her bare feet.   Preview Clip



  • April

    Crotch Roped Posture Improvement

    Almost 15 minutes of crotch roping, nipple clamping, butt slapping, and domination with two super cute babes. They stand in high heels with tightly cinched crotch ropes running up their ass cracks and then up to an overhead spreader bar. The only way for them to relieve tension on the rope is to stand on tippee toe... only problem is... when one goes down... the other gets it good. The addition of nipple clamps adds a world of excitement as they attempt not to show their shock at the pain of the clamps. They are forced to spread their legs and lean forward... further cinching up the ropes on those sensitive clitori… in the end they are taken down, forced to kneel in slave posture... neck roped... head down and subservient. Ain't nothing like a good strict crotch rope to keep the bitch in line.   Preview Clip



    Subjugator:  Preview

    3 minute preview video from PZV127 Subjugator. Two under 20 something cuties are abducted, bound, and subjugated using bare handed spanking, heavy fondling, rope, leather, ball gags and riding crop. Hot asses... hot tits... cute faces... wide eyed fun.   Preview Clip




    Bird Watcher

    How naive of her to think that she's the only predator in the forest. As she struts about photographing birds on private property, she comes in contact with someone that wants to watch her... Bound nude and gagged in the back of his trailer... legs spread as wide as they will go and nicely quieting gags to cover those bitchy lips as he drives her off to his breeding facility for young girls. The poor girl is put on a mattress for greater comfort... but her arms and neck are stuck in that awful wooden stocks... cruel black ball gag strapped in too tight... and then the legs... spread as wide as they can go and tied off at the ankles... and the knees are tied out too so that pussy is dreadfully exposed and vulnerable. A man could easily mount and impale her. Then she is flipped over to reveal that skinny tight ass. It's a good way to keep her held down securely while driving over bumpy terrain. And if he needs a break he can stop and fuck that ass. She hasn't got a lot of meat on her bones but she'll keep him warm through the winter if he can keep her from getting loose. From Powershotz PZV132.   Preview Clip




  • Arianna

    She Had it Coming

    Raven black haired slave girl kisses the whip before it is used on her fine white ass in this first time domination scene. Handcuffed, head upped, head downed and bottom cropped. The girl had it coming.   Preview Clip





    6 Babe Spank

    6 Pack of spanking. Watch as one bitch after the other gets hard ass slappin' and riding croppin'. They all need it... they all deserve it. Awesome facials!  Arianna, Brook, Chrystyne, Lana, and more!   Preview Clip




    Sleeved Slave

    Strict arm binding security in spandex sleeve with crotch extension combined with flesh bulging frog rope that cinches ankles to thighs and a heavy leather collar with ball gag prevents this energetic struggler from getting loose. She struggles her hot ass off. When the ball is loosed the beauty of her angelic face is revealed. It will look even better with a cock shoved in that pretty little mouth.   Preview Clip



  • Ariel


    First and Only

    Reality bondage try out. This gal couldn't handle the ball gag... or the strict bondage. So, I only got a few minutes of footage with her. Watch her reactions to the intensity and physical invasion of space.  This is the same clip that is on Ariel's model page since this is her ONLY clip!    Preview Clip

  • Ashleigh

    Escape Attempt

    She makes a run for the elevator and almost makes it. Too bad...   Preview Clip


    All holes available

    Hot nude chick is bound firmly to the floor in positions where she could be easily fucked in the pussy or the ass.  Preview Clip

    Rippling Buttocks

    Smooth white assed bitch is bound and gagged, bent over a stool. She is disciplined with bare handed spanking and her ass cheeks are spread to reveal her smooth, tight sphincter. Her flesh ripples under the impact of the Master's hands and she utters the phrase "you bastard," whenever the level of pain reaches her limit.   Preview Clip

  • Ashley

    Hard Ass Discipline

    The nude whipette is ball gag roped to the whipping post and spreader barred at the ankles to hold those legs apart so she can be anal disciplined, ass paddled and dildo'd, flogged to tears, deep throat dildo gagged and finally butt plugged and snugged up tight with a nice tight crotch rope to hold that plug in that fine fat fuckable ass.   Preview Clip


    Cheerleader's Aggressive Anal Domination

    The captive teasing bitch is brought in neck roped in her sweater, short skirt and sneakers. Then her wrists are zip tied behind her, she is bent leaning forward, her panties taken down, her ass slapped, then lubed up and plugged with a big fat butt plug. She'll thank him one day for the butt plug. As a sex toy for her new Master Ashley's ass will feel frequent and aggressive dilation and deep penetrating force. It's important that she be prepared for that all important first anal cocking. A crotch rope is required to hold it in or her puckering anal contractions will squeeze it out. It splits her swollen vulva and rubs against her clit as she struggles against the restraints. Her wrists are snugged up tight in flesh biting inexpensive zip ties as her butt cheeks cinch the plug in her ass. Elbow cinching rope wraps below her breasts in underwire bra fashion pulling her arms against her body and her elbows together. A full mouth stuffing and duct tape shut up the bitches mouth so there will be only flared nostril breathing and big eyes to communicate with the Master. To completely exhaust her and break her ability to escape she is forced to roll and display that hot body. The hog roping leaves her vulnerable to hands between the legs and rude fingers that check the insertion depth of the buttplug and the riding crop is used without hesitation when required. Mercifully begging for cock is her only hope. When the cheer leader is broken and the Master is ready to be serviced the duct tape is removed from the mouth and the mouth is stuffed with cock. In and out until it squirts. Her choking and gagging on cock and cum cause her butt cheeks to squeeze the plug hard. Her ass is being broken in by the cock in her mouth. She should be thankful for the tear inducing throat fuck. From VL067 starring Ashley.   Preview Clip

    Strip and Hog Tie

    Copulette is forced to strip so she can be hog tied in electrical wire and mouth stuffed and gagged. She is felt up, slapped up and told that she only has one more night of captivity before her buyer comes to retrieve her so that she can be fucked like a whore on a regular basis. She is hogtied and forced to struggle. Her anger apparent in her facial expression as she is butt slapped, felt up, and forced to contract those gorgeous muscles as she rolls that hot body.   Preview Clip

  • Aubrie

    Ratcheted Open

    Any fantasies she might have had about being abducted and used as a sex slave go out the window as rope ratchets clack loudly forcing her gorgeous bare legs apart. Her arms bent and bound in the small of her back by leather cuffs chained to her collar prevent her from protecting her genitalia, and force a breast exposing back arching posture. His hand slips easily through rapidly moistening flesh and all she can do is anticipate that thumb up the ass that she knows at some point is coming. He slaps her ass hard and forces her to pay attention. Her mouth likewise ratched open with one big loop of iron that takes her mouth out of the equation as a defensive tool and leaves her as defenseless as a snail against any form of penetration. His thumb down her throat causing a back arching spasm and she cannot bite or expel him. Poor girl... she probably didn't notice the squirt between her legs while her eyeballs were rolling in their socket. Her body knows cock is coming and will protect her with as much lubricant as it can muster.   Preview Clip


    Butt Plug and Block Gag

    Gorgeous nude 18 is led in on rope choke, dominated and over the knee'd for a butt slap and oil prior to butt plug insertion. She wails like a bitch when that big ole plug hits home and then whines when the crotch rope cinches it in. A hog roping and mouth gagging with wood block finish the bitch off and prepare her for shipping. Her captor takes a few pictures of his prize to use as marketing tools.   Preview Clip

    Hold My Beer

    18 yo nude is bound in a hard back arch with her arms spread out and bound to a cross board. She must maintain her balance or risk falling as he applies the bit gag and feels her soaking pussy. Then he asks her to hold his beer. On her heaving chest. She'll need to calm down to keep it from falling off.   Preview Clip

  • Aubry & Tatum

    Rug Rat Ream

    Two nude young female rats lay hogtied on the rug waiting when they are approached by their captor who wants to watch them fuck like rats. He looses the one, then makes her strap one on, then he binds the other spread on her back for ease of penetration, lubes her up, and forces one rat to fuck the other. She gets a little concerned at how tight the bitch is and is encouraged to slide that big boy home by the Master. Once she gets it in that tight little pussy she fucks the rat wet.   Preview Clip


    Stripper Enslavement

    Two captive strippers. Sure they are used to getting naked in front of strange men, but they aren't used to being chained by a collar and forcefully stripped by a strange man. Then their ass cheeks spread so the other can be forced to give it a kiss. The domination and invasive fondling as well as genital contact and spanking prepare these two pampered pets for penetration. Proper posture hasn't been enforced on them. They'll make fine breeders, slave training them will take some time and patience with the whip.   Preview Clip

    Dog Walker

    Two young nude slave girls are instructed in animal behavior as they are slowly dog walked in a circle and punished for improper posture or lack of respect for the Master. They are made to make animal sounds and cropped or spanked at the first sign of laughing or failure to respond. These two fine breeding mutts will produce attractive offspring when bred with the proper stud.   Preview Clip

  • Audrey

    Model Material:  Preview

    Abbey & Audrey.  Preview video from Model Material...Two hot babes come to the studio for a modeling tryout and end up in stripped nude and bound for sexual slavery.   Preview Clip


    Two Girls Tied Up

    Two gorgeous babes (Audrey & Abbey)... tied up tight... one watches while the other is fondled, dominated, spanked. Her turn will be next. Don't miss this clip!   Preview Clip

    Private Security:  Preview

    3 Minute preview video from Powershotz PZV117, Private Security, Andi and Shelby are caught by mall security after shop lifting panties at the store. They are cuffed to the floor board and driven into the country for a quick and effective punishment regimen that will insure that they'll never again stray from the straight and narrow. Bottom spanking, stripping, domination, ball gag, rough rope up and riding crop are combined with efficient mental domination to correct their behavior. In the end they are left tied up naked on the side of the road... their clothes are thrown out... and they are left to get loose... get dressed... and go free. Their behavior corrected forever. Next we find Audrey and Abbey chained in the basement in a small room. They are led upstairs where Audrey is handcuffed nude to a chair and forced to watch and wait her turn while Abbey is savaged on the bed before her.  Preview Clip

  • August


    Hard Day

    After a hard day at the office she comes home, strips off her blouse and pours herself a drink. Unfortunately the man waiting for her had a hard day too. A hard on all day. Waiting for her to return. Now that she is here the fun can begin. A little struggle perhaps... a little duct tape on bare skin perhaps. A little butt slapping, dominating, ass spreading, choke holding, leg kicking caress perhaps. Then that over the shoulder carry out the door. Off for some therepeutic massage. Internal of course.   Preview Clip

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