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Site Philosophy

Powershotz has been online since May of 2000. The website features gorgeous female models in tight restrictive bondage, damsel-in-distress fantasy, rape fantasy, and master/slave fantasy. All scenes on this site are consensual and rehearsed. It's all acting. No underage fantasy, no physical injuries, marks, bruising, or blood. Display of body and emotion in a consensual role-playing environment is a protected constitutional right.

Every relationship contains aspects of domination and submission. Taking dominant and submissive roles into the fantasy realm is therefore a natural and healthy response. These scenes assist the visualization of the fantasy and provide a tension release. In the past we depended on armies of strong men to defend our countries against constant attack. Many jobs were tough and labor-intensive, requiring men to do the work while the women stayed home to tend the children. Today, however, advances in technology have set females free to compete on an equal footing with men in many previously all-male occupations. This leads to sexual frustration in both sexes as we struggle with the species change implications. Instinctively, we want to return to the way things were, our genetics haven't had a chance to catch up with our culture. So when we get the chance to role-play... we go back in time to remember.

Horror movies have tied up, chopped up, raped, murdered and mutilated people with vivid realism in every way imaginable. Those movies are available to everyone at any time of the day just by renting a DVD. The work on this site takes it in a different direction... with the victim still alive at the end... and walking away wishing they didn't have to leave. In effect, they are set free by their forced captivity. We also require proof of age and are not advertised in non-adult venues as are more violent productions that are available anywhere DVDs are rented or sold.

It's also a great way to show off that gorgeous body in the most twisted and bizarre forms imaginable! Something artists have always been after...

All of the scenes on this site were rehearsed and carefully acted out with utmost regard for personal safety and consent. Nothing on this site is forced. There is no underage fantasy or the appearance of underage fantasy. The dominant figure acts to position and control the submissive figure's body while eliciting vocal responses. Actresses are not marked, bruised, pierced, or tortured and have the ability to stop the scene at any time. Some scenes contain full nudity while others are fully clothed. The models are adventurous and energetic, and pour a significant part of themselves into these roles. They deserve the credit for the work.

Please do not attempt to recreate the positions and scenarios presented on this site at home! You are running the risk of injuring your partner and/or getting thrown in jail. While it may not be outwardly apparent, a great deal of planning, rehearsing, flexibility testing, and thought, went into the avoidance of personal injury. This is, in effect, kinky stunt work.

This site complies with the record-keeping requirements of USC 2257. This means that all of the models who have posed for this site were 18 years of age or older on the date of shooting and that a minimum set of government stipulated age verifications and methods to contact the model and producer have been met.


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