Caught & Taught

Two girls are caught and taught for their crimes against humanity.  The lessons are necessarily hard to fit the severity of their crimes.  When it is over they will both be better off for it. First we find cute secretary Andi Adams' at work.  Her boss has suspected for some time that she was stealing from him.  So he waits until Friday afternoon, and positions his security assistant to help with the capture and collar.  She sneaks into the company safe and steals a small amount of cash.  When she is interrogated by the guard she is caught.  Now her penance will be paid.  She is first hand cuffed, ball gagged, bent over the desk, and spanked hard on that fine bare ass.  Then she is stripped, roped on the table, forced to suck boss cock and fucked by the security man while bound.  Next she is handcuffed and blindfolded to a chair where she is again forced to suck boss cock, heavily fondled and neck choked.  They've got all weekend to correct her misbehavior... and they use it wisely.  She is bishop head harnessed, cuffed to a training bench and riding cropped directly on her anus.  Before being rudely fingered and fucked like a whore with ass slapping glee.  Her tears mixing with her saliva.  It was a hard lesson, but she won't be repeating that behavior again, and she gets to keep her job.  Next we find  nightclub stripper Abbey, cuffed and on the floor.  She was captured the night before as she left work for the night. She is awakened, cuffed to a training bench to be punished... looked over... ass slapped and dominated in rudely invasive ways... then lubed up and ass opened... forced to suck and gag.  All those things her customers wanted to do to her.  That should put an end to her days as a stripper.

Preview VL005



Too Hot to Trot

Two hottie friends. Lexis and Ally, just strolling along past an abandoned building when suddenly they find the building isn't as abandoned as they thought.  Then super model Beth decides she can cut through the building.  All bad mistakes.  The girls will be taught the error of their ways.  Asian Joy gets a good hard spanking in this one an added boner.  Also starring Abbey.

Preview PZV114




Gorgeous Legs...

Gorgeous Tits...

Gorgeous Ass...

What more you ask?

Yes, horny too....

Model Material

Two gorgeous girls, Abbey & Audrey, show up to try modeling.  Little do they know that before this shoot is over they'll be stripped and spanked, hand cuffed, ball gagged, hog tied, nose hooked, rope choked, anal whipped, dominated and left begging.  It's hard not to get horny when you receive this sort of treatment.  Preview PZV112



Private Security

Andi and Shelby are caught by mall security after shop lifting panties at the store.  They are cuffed to the floor board and driven into the country for a quick and effective punishment regimen that will insure that they'll never again stray from the straight and narrow.  Bottom spanking, stripping, domination, ball gag, rough rope up and riding crop are combined with efficient mental domination to correct their behavior.  In the end they are left tied up naked on the side of the road... their clothes are thrown out...and they are left to get loose... get dressed... and go free.  Their relationship changed forever.  Next, we find Abbey and Audrey chained in the basement in a small room. They are led upstairs where Audrey is handcuffed nude to a chair and forced to watch and wait her turn while Abbey is savaged on the bed before her.

Preview PZV117



Alone in Her Hotel Room

Cute young girl (Abbey) leaves her hotel room door ajar and must  now suffer the consequences as she is abducted and taken into slavery... she is taped up, inspected, and chloroformed for her ride to the Masters lair, where she must endure strict bondage, hard ass spanking, caning, zip tie, latex rubber bondage, head harness, ball gag, heavy fondling and behavior modification therapy that will make her a compliant little sex slave for her new Master.

Preview PZV113



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