A Tale of Two Tails (video)


A Tale of Two Tails

College Coed Stacie is run down, captured, and duct taped tight to keep her from running off. She is stripped on site to get a preview look at that fine tight body, heavily fondled and sexually harassed. Then it's over the shoulder and ass slapped to be carried inside for more serious sexual violation and slave training. Next Lexis hears a noise while doing the chores and decides to investigate. Only to find herself hijacked by two men. They grab her, rope bind her sexy limbs, carry her into the woods, tie her to a tree where they violate and feel her up before one of them gets his cock wet pounding the bitch from behind. Nice! Now it's Stacie's turn. She is leather cuffed to the whipping post, tit whipped, flogged and spanked, then given the tip of a powerful vibrator to think about while she moans and goes up on tipee toe. Now Lexis is laid out on the table restrained in leather cuffs so she can't use her arms or legs to get away while she is being double dick penetrated with ease. She is left with a squirt to the small of her back and the taste of semen in her cute little bitchy mouth. Super hot stuff!



112 minutes

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