Andi Adams Reporting (video)


Andi Adams Reporting

News reporter Andi Adams has the scoop on the local sheriff. Unfortunately, he's got her cell phone monitored. He captures her before she can report her findings, and teaches her the error of her ways. A solvent soaked rag is used to take her down. Then she is stripped, looked over, cuffed, and awakened, a paper bag is put over her head, she is hung up and fondled, then her legs are spread and her ankles attached to either end of the bar. Leaving her pussy and anus open and available to all. Her pussy is vibrated by a dildo... Then she is set upon the powerful dildo that vibrates and rotates attached to the sybian. It is throttled up and her mouth flies open as expected. It's a hard ride. Now the deputy comes along and decides that she would benefit from being face forced on his cock. But her mouth is insufficiently tight so he gets behind the bitch and hammers home the point. Nice forward leaning strappado fuck! In scene 2, Cammi is passed out tipsy on the bed. She is fondled and slapped to a groggy state, roped bent over the table and dildo'd from behind. She is left bound spread eagle face down on the table, begging for release. That'll teach her not to mix drugs and alcohol. Finally we find little 18 year old Miranda, hog tied and blindfolded on a bed. A cock slips in that mouth, the blindfold is removed to reveal her begging brown eyes and the wrinkled forehead that comes with a heavy gag reflex. Then a heavy squirt is delivered to that hot little mouth and she chokes on it.



113 minutes

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