Andi's Abduction Fantasy (video)


Andi's Abduction Fantasy

Andi's dreamed of being grabbed, bound, and used like a sex toy her entire life. At work... she is given the job of inspecting the photography studio after a series of complaints about women crying out. When she shows up for the inspection, she gets a first hand look. After being anesthetized, stripped naked and tied spread eagle to the bed, two men take her through the motions of servicing the tenants privates and rewarding her with cock and dildo. She wants it to be a total stranger, someone she doesn't know and has no relationship with so she can just be used. Grabbed in the garage... rope bound and forced to suck... then hog tied, dildo'd and fucked on the table before a forced cock sucking and a tearful anal training episode followed by some doggy dicking to leave her sore for a few days as a reminder. Fucking Incredible!



115 minutes

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