Alone in Her Hotel Room (video)


Alone in Her Hotel Room

Cute young Abbey left her hotel room door ajar by mistake and now she is going to have to face the consequences. He found her door ajar, peeked inside and saw her laying on the bed talking to her teddy bear and that was all he needed to see. He hops right on it... her... stifles her call for help and secures her hot body with tape. Then he checks out that fine ass, takes her to his car for a hog tied ride through the city streets until he gets her home, carries her in, and begins punishing her for her obviously foolish behavior. She must now endure strict bondage, hard ass spanking, caning, zip tie restraints on bare skin, latex rubber hog tie bondage, head harness ball gag trainer, heavy fondling, sexual harassment, and behavior modification therapy that will make her a compliant little fuck toy. That hot body will make a great cum receptacle. And she's got a pretty little mouth, a nice tight pussy, and a super taught little anal sphincter that needs a poppin.



114 minutes

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