A Triflings Trepidation (video)


A Triflings Trepidation

It begins when our cute, innocent coed Jessy is grabbed off the street, wire bound and gagged for a ride. She is hooded and taken to his lair where she is roped to the post, fondled, mouth stuffed and strictly gagged. Her taught leg muscles nearly bursting from those too tight jeans as her gag reflex causes lubricant to flow. Over the stool whipping, taught rope bondage and strict nude hog tie with latex tubing. Nose hook and ball gag await. In the end a blindfold and heavy hang man's noose about the neck convince the young girl that she won't be walking the streets alone at night in dark neighborhoods again. This trifling needed some serious trepidation to set her head on straight.



126 minutes

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