All About Alex (video)


All About Alex

Honest working babe Alex gets run down and grabbed from a creepy abandoned building by 2 horny perverts. They take her to their lair where she gets her pretty mouth and young pussy fucked hard on the table in hog tie bondage. She begs to be released but instead ends tied up in the stocks, nicely displayed for a bit of discipline with the crop and another round of long, doggy style breeding. Next, pretty office girl Alex is roughed up and tied up to a wooden pole by a masked man. He slowly strips her out of her outfit and lowers her on her knees while inspecting the quality of his new catch. Her constant whining gets silenced by a forced facefuck. He ends this... wonderful date... by treating her to a big semen-based dinner. Then, slave girl Alex is brought in and relaxed with a hand over mouth chloroform rag. He tightly ties up her unconscious body to 2 metal rods on the floor in a piledriver style position, arms spread wide and legs up. She gets slapped awake and is greeted by her new master, there to take her for a spin in the unresistable and humiliating position she's in. After the fun is over, it's time for training. First, her mouth, with a blowjob while hanging upside down. Then, her posture, with the help of a ball gag, nipple clamps, high posture collar, and elbow and knee straps to keep her back arched and her legs together. She's then knelt down and forced to suck her master's cock while keeping her posture in check. In the end, he decides to let her go, although it doesn't seem like the little bitch wants to leave... This video was formerly known as "Captured While Clubbing"



119 minutes

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