Ashleigh, Chloroformed and Kept (video)


Ashleigh, Chloroformed and Kept

Ashleigh is abducted as she exits the ladies room. After a struggle she is subdued with solvent inhaler and carried to her captors bed for review. She awakens and attempts escape, but is once again silenced. Now the bondage begins. She is spread nude on her back and fondled at will. She attempts escape and almost gets away but is captured at the elevator and silenced once more. This time her legs are pulled back to expose bare pussy and ass. She tries to climb out the window and is taken again. This time she is bound face down, vulnerable to anal penetration. She is silenced yet again and awakens to his domination. She'll hang spread eagle on the hanging rack with Vanessa now, interned into sexual servitude. An hour of chloroform fun. Followed by over 30 minutes of preview videos.



113 minutes

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