Ashleigh & Vanessa (video)


Ashleigh & Vanessa

First Ashleigh, caught snooping around the bondage studio and punished for it with a bitch stripping butt slapping, hog roping, drool gagging photo session with a pervert that has designs on her ass. Gags, harnesses, heels, hog rope and drooling submission go good with her back arch and apple bottom. Buxom big tit Vanessa gets a bitch stripping before being bound ass out on the chair and nipple clamped, then forced in head harness to face the pole with spreader bar on ankles while she lets the drool run. Hot baby-fat ass! Then Ashleigh gets a strappado strapping over the stool with a head harness ball gagging that leaves her broken. Very sensitive these two.



124 minutes

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