Amy #2 (video)


Amy #2

Stripper Amy is hired by a stranger to perform at his place. But the stripper gets bitch-stripped instead! She struggles to free herself, but to no avail. She gets strung up and slave trained. She is nose hooked, nipple-clamped, slapped, cropped, and bound with scratchy tit and crotch rope before submitting to Master. Tears fall before it's all over. Facial abuse and strict discipline will teach her a lesson that she'll never forget. Get out of the business and never go to a stranger's house to strip! Next, a masked man sneaks into a house and surprises a napping beauty. The stranger subdues her with a cloth, fondles, and binds the beauty. When she comes to, she finds her clothes have been cut off with a sharp object and her ankles and wrists tied to a plank. Finally, Amy gets tied to a post and choked despite her begging and pleading. 1 hour 40 min plus 20 min of super-hot previews.



118 minutes

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