Abduction Addiction Preview (video)


Abduction Addiction Preview

3 Minute preview video from powershotz release PZV077, Abduction Addiction....Two 18 year old first time bondagette super models star in this hot abduction/bondage fantasy adventure. First Jerzi....strutting on down the street talking shit on the phone when she finds herself locked out and must go around through the garage. Her hot date is waiting for her there. A good struggle strip and an over the shoulder later she is bound and panel gagged on the doggie bench...her smooth bottom sticking out where he can spank that bitch. Then Rayne....incarcerated in steel cuff bondage in the bathroom....freezing cold. She agrees to join the Master in bed if he releases her from the meat locker where she is shivering her ass off. Then takes her inside....cuffs her hands over head....and washes those dirty feet along with the rest of that dirty body. After a washup she is made to clean up....then she is rubbered up in surgical tubing. Hog tied on the bed.....he brings her to the table and oils that smooth young body. Now that she's cleaned up and oiled up she can be fucked up.....the ass.....the pussy....or the mouth.



3 minutes

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