Anal Rod Discipline (video)


Anal Rod Discipline

While spanking, whipping, and flogging are all effective discipline tools, lubricated and agressive penetration has the advantage that it mentally subjugates the detainee. Once broken the youngling can be re-trained to show proper respect and form. While more pleasureable vaginal stimulation may be used to reward or drive her to forced orgasm. The bottom is slapped and well lubricated as the vulva swells under embarrasing stimulation. The cheeks spread wide to allow cold air to blow across her rectum. The tool is large, and she is submitted the bulbed in for application of saliva. A little deep throat penetration causes her to wet it nicely. Then it is used to tease her vagina... and inserted. Her buttocks and thighs clamp as her toes curl and clutch at the air. But the anal insertion of the probe makes her try to climb the crossbar... a futile attempt to avoid penetration that only leaves her coming back down on the tool. Poor girl. She'll need to learn to accept frequent anal encounters with her owners. She has the nicest ass and back arch in six states. And with that mousey little face... they will want to watch it in mouth open squealing posture.



17 minutes

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