Big Stick Policy (video)


Big Stick Policy

It is standard policy to introduce the female to anal penetration and videotape the encounter so that bidders may have a chance to see what they will be getting for their money. The intrusion is well lubricated to avoid damage and the bitch is typically gagged to enforce a state of mental submission during some point in the process for the bidder to view. Though the penetrating probe is realistic in size it is of course much harder than a real cock. To her it feels like a big stick. Being a strong and healthy young breeder Penni handles it quite nicely. Her buyer will be able to pound with ferocity with little fear of damage. A good ass pounding will get her ready for the birthing pain in her future. To further this point. Penni's ass is popped once more by the large anal restraining plug on the ass hook. It is hooked to the overhead hook and cinched to hold her ass up for the big paint stick paddling that releases enough endorphine in her brain to induce a high lasting for several hours afterwards if you whip the bitch hard enough. Consult your doctor before trying this at home.



16 minutes

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