Benched for a Butt Stretching (video)


Benched for a Butt Stretching

Young breeder is doggied up on the wood bench for an ass lube and stretch. Rope binding her wrists and ankles is essential to prevent pulling away/panic during dilation of the anus. The ball gag head harness holds the ball in tight to prevent biting and muffle any potentially loud cry outs, while the choke strap ensures obedient respect and enforces head up posture as she is being forced to look directly into the camera for potential buyers that may be bidding and that fine white ass. The nose hook is employed briefly to reinforce head up posture while a hard slap on the ass between fondling episodes confuses and excites nerve endings while releasing brain chemicals. Once securely bench bound the bitch is ready for well lubricated virgin anal stretching and penetration.



14 minutes

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