Abducted and Objectified Preview (VL030) (video)


Abducted and Objectified Preview (VL030)

Two perfect bodies... not paying attention... unaware that those hot bodies make them hot commodities on the sex toy market. Heather Silk... nature photographer wanders onto private property. Strutting her hot ass right past the keep out sign. She'll be squealing under the anal rod after she's been grabbed, stripped, duct taped, forced face down on cock and doggie fucked in the woods. Her virgin anus now trained to serve and her throat filled with seminal fluid. Then Wendy... out working in the garden... wearing super short shorts and flaunting that lilly while skin with that puppydog pout. Grabbed, struggle stripped and handcuffed, her hug me panties pulled down to expose that perfect white virgin ass. Taken to the barn and whipped with the flogger and forced to stand high up on toe. Once whipped she is doggie strapped to the training bench where her virgin bottom is opened up with lubricated digital penetration and the anal rod. Now that she's been stretched... she can be fucked without injury. That virgin ass will fetch a high price. Heather and Wendy... perfect little sex objects... turned on by the capture and forced to accept their position as sexual servants. Watch this preview and you'll see that this is one HOT video!



3 minutes

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