Bedded and Bound (video)


Bedded and Bound

The bound captive is carried in over the shoulder and tossed on the bed. Now the fun can begin in ernest. She is relieved of that tight gene skirt, rolled, and fondled. It's time to tie the bitch down, and the only way to do it without injury is to take her out for a few minutes with a little anesthesia juice on that rag. She knows its coming and holds her breath while she bucks but it only serves to make that first inhale much deeper. She's out like a light in no time. She is stripped like a limp rag doll and bound spread eagle face up. The wake up call comes in the form of light face slapping with a hand between the legs. Wide eyed bushytail wakes up in back arching vexing as his hands roam that sensitive nude flesh. A finger tests her gag reflex... it's going to get intense...



13 minutes

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