Barbie Dolled (video)


Barbie Dolled

Arguably one of the hottest big tit bitches ever to be bound up tight in strict cord. With her big tits stretching out that Barbie Doll Belly shirt and her fine ass barely contained in that short little jean skirt she is begging for hard discipline. Handcuffs secure her wrists and ankles so that the Master may strip, fondle and spank the obstinate young girl. Watch her attitude turn at the Masters hand when her arms are strappado cuffed to an overhead rope and her ass is cropped with a sharp sting that makes the bunny hop. Then she is dominated rightly with the aid of a tight ball gag stuffed in that sassy little mouth. She is cuffed arms overhead in complete nudity and heavily oiled, heavily fondled, and butt/belly/tit slapped as the Master enjoys her bodacious body. Her scared arousal builds as sensitive skin is lubricated. Then she is elbow cinched in rope and put over the table where she is hogtied, ball gagged, nose hooked and dominated hard. The slippery piggy needs hard cock in all her tight orifices to make her squeal like a pig. She is set on the floor, handcuffed and kneeling while her captive girlfriend Ally is next cuffed with her arms overhead so she can be dominated, slapped, fondled and oiled. Lexis is instructed to join in and Ally becomes aroused. Then Lexis is hooked up alongside Ally and the two bodies are forced to make intimate contact and kiss one another. They best get used to it. Because they are going to be thoroughly fucked in every conceivable way before their sentence is completed. From Powershotz DVD PZV 101 starring Lexus Lane and Ally. 45 Minutes Long.



45 minutes

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