Bikini Model's Punishment (video)


Bikini Model's Punishment

Gorgeous under 20 bikini model is given the punishment she deserves with the help of the leaning whipping post. First on her knees, with her back to the post. She is bound, dominated, cropped, face slapped and bit gagged with a head harness and forced to adapt as she squirms to find some position of comfort. But her weight is on her knees and the gag is abusive, humiliating and cruel. She drools and becomes exhausted as her skin begins to shine with the color of her sweat. Then the dull eyed and broken little bitch is cuffed to the whipping post in standing position. She is spanked, cropped, fondled, ball gagged and dominated. Her eyes water with tears. She is finally taken down to the ground and forced to position her body in positions of extreme vulnerability so he can best determine how to fuck his freshly captured slave girl. Super hot body! Available on Powershotz PZV057. Five Fine Finds, starring Natalia.



26 minutes

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