2 Punished Slave Girls (video)


2 Punished Slave Girls

Alex is only 18 years old and she is hung legs spread upside down with her arms bound to a collar in the small of her back. She begs and pleads to be taken down. Ashleigh is a hot ass misbehaving bitch who is bound with her legs spread apart by a bar, bent over at the waist and crotch roped with a rope that runs overhead through a pulley to a concrete block that pulls that crotch rope deep into her pussy and ass crack. Her arms are spread and bound to a bar and a collar about her neck is attached to another concrete block that she must keep lifted off the floor or face the sting of the crop. It will improve her posture by strengthening her back. Then poor little Alex is put in the stocks on her knees. Her tight virgin bottom sticking out where it can be used by the Master for any number of deviant sexual acts or whipped with no resistance or pulling away. Her gorgeous hair hangs about her face as she begs to be let go. She isn't coming out of it until she is fucked good and hard. Awesome slave girl punishment! Available on Powershotz DVD, PZV061.



15 minutes

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