Ass Rod and Ream Punishment (video)


Ass Rod and Ream Punishment

Bailey's young and healthy anus gets a good first time stretch in this super hot clip. She is bound to the training bench with crossbar to hold her head securely and prevent injury and evasion. Her virgin bottom is slapped and well lubricated as the vulva swells under embarrassing stimulation. And her breathing accelerates to panic levels in anticipation. Her sweet cheeks are spread wide to allow cold air to blow across her rectum. The violating tool is large, and she is submitted the bulbed end for application of saliva with her mouth so that she might see how large it is. A little deep throat penetration causes her to wet it nicely. Then it is used to tease her vagina... and inserted to light her up. Her buttocks and thighs clamp down to fight the insertion of the probe and her toes curl and clutch at the air. But the anal insertion of the probe is so intense it makes her try to climb the crossbar... a futile attempt to avoid penetration that only leaves her coming back down on the tool. After her rectum has been lubricated and slightly dilated with the tool, the Master force feeds cock to the roped hottie's throat. Then inserts the cock vaginally and sets her to moaning with a good fuck. Luckily those ankles are bound when he goes to take her ass. You can see those pretty little feet clutching and kicking at the air while her rectum is reamed out. She gets a good cock stabbing up the ass. Involuntary grunting and squealing mix with teary eyes as she takes it up the ass. Then he steps around and delivers a choking load to the back of her throat as she gazes up to him with wrinkled brow. He agrees to release her under the condition that she returns tomorrow for further punishment. Her penance for trespassing has not yet been paid in full.



34 minutes

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